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Aeration is the secret ingredient (or secret weapon) to a healthy lawn. A lot of homeowners (and professionals alike) are unaware of the benefits of aeration. Just like anything else, the key to a magazine quality lawn is in getting the basic details right. 

What is aeration?

Aeration (or core aeration, sometimes called “plugging”), is the mechanical process of poking holes into the lawn. Most gasoline operated aerators today use a rotating spindle with “spoons” which remove a small 1-2″ deep core or plug of soil, leaving a hole in the turf, and depositing the core on the grass surface to decompose back into the lawn. Some aerators are more simple, and simply use spikes to poke holes into the dirt.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of aeration is many fold. First of all, an overly compacted lawn will stunt the growth and visual appeal of your turf, cause slow recovery from injury, poor stress tolerance, and promote weed growth and disease. By aerating the lawn you allow the soil to better absorb and utilize nutrients and water. Fertilizers are better absorbed and retained, thatch is reduced, and the grass is able to grow deeper healthier roots. 

When should I aerate?

In the south, aeration is most effective between April and August, with May and June being ideal. 

How do I know if I need to aerate?

Gently poke a flathead screwdriver into the soil surface beneath the canopy of the grass. If the screwdriver doesn’t easily penetrate the soil surface, its time to aerate. Other indications are poor drainage (turf holds water after rains longer than it should), delayed growth and green up, poor heat tolerance (other factors can contribute to these issues other than soil compaction), and an increase in turf related fungus and weed problems.

We offer aeration as an individual service and include it as part of our annual chemical weed control and fertilization programs. Aerating your lawn annually is recommended, however some lawns only require it every other year. 


Garth Jones, Owner

Scenic Lawn Care & Landscaping, LLC


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