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Lawn Care & Turf
Maintenance Services
Emerald Zoysia
We offer lawn care and turf maintenance services which are customized to suit your lawn’s specific conditions. Our lawn care services begin with a survey of your turf to determine what species of grass and weeds are present. Different species of turf grass will require different products and techniques.
If you are interested in a chemical program, we will start by conducting a soil test to determine the PH and macronutrient condition of your lawn which we will use to develop your specific weed control and fertilization program. In most cases an initial soil aeration will be recommended, and is included as an annual service in the chemical programs that we offer. Once we have determined the chemical composition of your lawn, combined with your turf grass and weed assessment, we will recommend an annual program for your lawn. In some cases lime applications are necessary to adjust PH levels. Lime will typically be applied during the dormant seasons. Each chemical program includes application of pre emergents and post emergents, as well as fertilizers.
Our turf maintenance services include the following:
  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Weed Eating
  • Blowing
  • Leaf Cleanup (Blowing, Bagging, or Mulching)

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